My Philosophy
The body is like a suspension bridge with muscles pulling on the bones in one direction and (hopefully) equally strong muscles pulling the opposite way. If the antagonist and protagonist muscles are in balance, then the skeletal framework will be properly aligned. Unfortunately, this perfect equilibrium is rare. Most of us have muscles that are not properly recruited, meaning that those neuro-muscular connections are feeble. These weak links makes the muscles atrophy and can lead to "dead zones" or muscles that can no longer be voluntarily contracted. Every person has different dead zones that take their body out of alignment. I diagnose which ones need to be targeted for each individual. These are the areas we work to strengthen most vigorously. I design every workout so that the muscles work synergistically with each other, thereby exhausting them most efficiently.

Pilates is the basis of my philosophy. I apply the theories of mat Pilates to machines and free weights. We usually want to enervate the minor muscles and let the major muscles stay relaxed, long and lean. The goal is to strengthen and build all the muscles in balance. Unfortunately, most of us fall into the trap of doing what "feels natural" when exercising. This means we do what we are good at; letting the already dominant muscles do all the work and allowing the dead zones to stay dead. Misalignment becomes what feels most comfortable and our problems become exacerbated. This can lead to serious injury at the worst and an imbalanced and "bulky" body at best.

My approach is to apply artistry and skill to muscle building so that the minor muscles and flabby dead zones are as beautifully developed as the dominant major muscles. This brings a beautiful balance and grace to the body and allows for proper authentic movement.

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