Nominated for a
2005 LA Stage Alliance Ovation Award

Nominated for a
2005 ADA Award

Nominated for a
2006 LA Weekly Award

It’s the summer of 1986 in Taos, New Mexico and two rebellious girls throw a raging—fan-times-ten-‘tastic—party that will transform their fragile psyches forever. Justine and Crystal, children of bohemian, New Age Hippies, have forged their friendship in a crucible of racial tension, sexual abuse and drugs. But tonight, every teenager—Native, Spanish and Anglo—is invited to partake in an extreme social experiment called a “Rager” wherein the girls grapple with boys, bullies, cultural schisms and way too many mushrooms. Unknown to Justine and Crystal, their bond of friendship, synthesized in pain, will soon become the source of their salvation.

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